Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Winner of the Last Spring Cleaning Giveaway Is...

Cindy Headen!!!

Cindy you have won a Kindle Touch Wi Fi Reader.

I'll be in touch about getting it to you : )

Thank you Cindy for not only cleaning out so many of your closets but shouting about this and all our other giveaways so that everybody you know could join in.

We'll think of a new contest soon and let you know once we have it figured out.

Many, many blessings to all who shared and donated and prayed that our communities would be blessed by doing this easy thing--Cleaning out our closets : )

We are off to drop off a whole van full of items right this minute. Awesome!

Jeff and Karen

Monday, May 21, 2012

Last Spring Cleaning Giveaway of Spring!

By now, many of you have made some progress on getting those closets cleaned out but we would bet there is still more work to be done. We know this because it is the same for us at our house!

Here is your last chance while it is still springtime, to win a prize for your efforts:

You will earn 1 point per bag for the clothes and food. You will earn 1 point per day for the selling, sharing of the giveaway and encouraging:

Ways to Enter

1)Dropping off a bag of food at a food pantry/food donation site

2)Donating a bag of clothes to a clothing closet or organization that gives clothes out to those in need.

3) Sharing this giveaway on any social media or by email or word of mouth with those you know.

4) Sell something in a yard sale or through an online site that you found while cleaning out your closets.

5) Doing something to encourage a worker/volunteer at one of the above donation points. Do you not have clothes to get rid of or food to donate right now? Have you done that and now are cleaned out? Go visit the location where this kind of thing is done near you and tell them thank you for their good work. Send them a note to encourage them,etc. Take them a snack. Ask them what their current needs are so you can let others in your community know...etc.


This last giveaway will run from Tuesday May 22-June 20th which is the first day of summer. We will pick our winner at midnight (est). There will be one winner only this time and they will be receiving this prize:

A Kindle Touch Wi-Fi Reader. 

**As usual you will need to let us know you have done something to earn an entry(or many) by either leaving a comment, emailing us at: or just telling us, if you know us in person**


Let's finish our spring cleaning efforts strong and make a great impact where we live. Enter so that you might win or spread the word so that one of your friends could win and then you could borrow this toy from them.

Let us know if you have any questions. Just as before, if you are in Philadelphia and need help getting clothes or food picked up and taken to a donation spot simply get in touch with us and we can help make that happen.

Many blessings and thanks,
Jeff and Karen

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Winners for Giveaway #2 Are...

The Winners of Our 2nd Giveaway are as follows:

20.00 Starbucks Card- Twila Garletts

10.00 Visa Gift Card- Will Haines

25.00 Amazon Gift Card-Cindy Headen

Book of Forever Stamps-Tonya Bredamus

Mini Chalk Board (Paris Themed)- Rose Ball

Mini Chalk Board (Cat Themed)-Lisa Wolverton

Rosette Headband-Gwen Meany


Congratulations to all! We will post a new giveaway sometime today. It will end on the first day of summer, June 20th. After all, spring cleaning should be done by summer, right? : )

Thank you for giving, thank you for thinking of your own communities and thank you for helping us have some fun with this. Thank you for the people who have helped us have these nice prizes.

Jeff and Karen

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And For Our Next Giveaway..

We had a great month in April putting our stored up stuff to good use but we are not done.

We have a new giveaway. Here are the rules. It starts right now and runs until May 16th(now May the 20th at midnight!) at midnight Philly time. You may earn entries for the following until that time and then we draw again using for the prizes. Let us see how much we can do in two weeks. 

**Like before, if you are in Philadelphia we can help you get your donations to a place where they can be used. Be in touch if you need that help in transporting things.


Jeff and Karen


20.00 Starbucks gift card

10.00 Visa gift card

25.00 Amazon gift card

a booklet of forever stamps

2 mini decorative chalkboards(separate prizes) for your home from:

and a beautiful headband made by Kristi of:


Earn 1 entry per day(max 4 entries per day)  for any of these:

-Take any size load of clothes for donations

-Take any size food donation to your local food pantry 

-Sell items at a yard sale or on Craigslist,etc

-Give the things you found in your house to someone you know who can use them

Since we want as many people as possible to participate..

Earn 3 entries per day(max 9 per day) for the following:

-Tell people about the giveaway on any social media like Facebook or Twitter

-Tell people in person about the giveaway

-Offer to take someone else's cleaned out clothing or food to the donation site for them. They don't have to accept. Just let them know you are willing.


This is not part of the giveaway but we want to keep letting you know that the Pregnancy Care Center of Martinsville and Henry County(VA) can use your support. If you feel led to either make a monetary donation or bring/send a box of clothes or supplies please be in touch with them at the link. 

Friday June 22nd will be the 2nd Annual Pregnancy Care Center Fundraising Event with Pam Tebow(mother of Tim Tebow) speaking. If you would like to or know someone in or near southern VA who would like to attend this fundraising event please be in touch with them ASAP. Space is limited and it should be an incredible evening in support of life. The event will be held at Mercy Crossing in Martinsville at 7pm.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Winners Are...

*Gift Card #1   Sandy Foote

*Gift Card #2   Jen Kring

*Gift Card #3   Tonya Bredamus

*Gift Card #4   Miriam Fredericks

*Gift Card #5   Chandres Pickett

*Handcrafted magnet set from Andria: Patty Rich

*A copy of the book "Unbroken: A World War II Story" by Laura Hillenbrand: Mary Van Leeuwan


Above are the winners as chosen by out of a total of 177 entries. Thanks to all who participated. We have had a great time this month hearing about how people have been able to share what they have with the people around them. We have heard from the pregnancy center, we have heard from food banks and clothing closets. We have dropped off van loads of your items to the delighted faces of church and charity workers. What you gave matters. What you gave encouraged others to give. 

We have cleaned out our closets too but we aren't done. There always seems to be another pile or another pair of kids clothes that are outgrown. Of course too, the need is always there regenerating itself. We have more work to do. Jeff and I are inventing the next giveaway which we will launch for May. Stay tuned and let your friends and family know they still have time to join us.

You encouraged -us-!
Jeff and Karen

April 30th!

Hello now and future closet cleaners!

The day has finally arrived. You have until midnight(Eastern) tonight to donate, sell, give to a friend, or just pass along the information to someone who might have something to share. Let us know so we can enter you in our giveaway. We will use to pick our first winners tonight(Jeff's birthday!). We will announce them on this site sometime after midnight. 

After this happens, don't despair--you can still "clean out your closets"! We will start a new contest this week. Hopefully we can get even more people involved so that we can bless our local communities and help ourselves be rid of all these things we have to share.

See you here late tonight!

Jeff and Karen


Here are the rules.

The giveaway will run from right now until TONIGHT! We have 7 prizes ready to go. We will be giving away five 25.00 Amazon gift cards. We also have a handmade magnet set and a copy of 'Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption' by Laura Hillenbrand. 
This giveaway is mostly all on the honor system as I cannot check these donations in any practical way. So we will keep it simple. You can earn one entry for each of these things no more than one a week until this ends. The weeks will end on Saturday. The last week will have just two days and all entries will need to be in by midnight Eastern time TODAY! We will announce the winners the next day on this blog.

****WAYS TO ENTER*****  (1 Entry Per Week for each one of these options) 

1) make a monetary donation to
The Pregnancy Care Center of Martinsville and Henry County

2)Make a donation to your local food pantry

3)make a donation of clothing or household items to a clothing closet or Good Will,etc.*

4)donate some books to your local library, preschool, homeless shelter or retirement home

5)clean out your stuff and give it to someone who can use it(family with kids in that size, a gift, etc) or resell it on Craigslist, a garage sale, or any kind of resale or fundraising event.

6)give a monetary donation to any organization that addresses hunger issues. can be local or larger scale

7) share this giveaway/blog on any social media you frequent


*If you live in Philadelphia and need a place to take things or someone to do that for you please let us know. We can help!

  This Monday, on April 30th(Jeff's birthday)~TODAY(!) we will use to pick our winners. So once you do any of these things just come back and leave a comment or send us an email so that we can include you in the drawing: